Amazing New Facebook Features That You Should Know

Are you familiar with social networking sites? If you have started a new business, then you should promote it. With the help of Facebook, you can boost-up the sale of your business. in the past, most of the people prefer Facebook for fun, but now they are using as a business platform.  It is a boon for us where we can access incredible features. Moreover, if you aren’t getting many likes on the posts, then you should visit and buy likes. However, it is known as an ecosystem of the application because you can grab thousands of app from it.

Recently Facebook introduces with latest features that will give you benefits in terms of food, recharge, and other things as well. To avoid the complication on facebook, you can grab up-to-date features.

Like, if you aren’t getting posts on the newsfeed, then you should prioritize your friends.  However, the paid advertisement is a second most popular option that will assist you in promoting your official business. Let’s discuss the incredible features of Facebook.

Send money to Friends via messenger

No doubt, millions of the people are transferring money via other platforms. If you are using Facebook messenger, then it would be quite easier for you. It is an innovative, convenient way to send or receive money from friends.

  • How to send?

If you want to send or receive money, then you should follow such steps.

  • You should download the messenger and initiate conversation with friends.
  • After that, click on the $ icon and add a debit/credit card in your id.
  • You must click on the payment option, enter the amount and send money to friends.
  • How to receive money?
  • You will have to open the conversation of your friends.
  • After that, you will have to add a card in the message, add your favorite method and receive money from him.

The best thing about such an option, your friends will receive the money in a fraction of seconds.

Add legacy contact in your account

Like bank accounts, now Facebook has introduced with legacy account option. Do you know if you die what happens with your social networking account? However, it would be better to give your important pictures, messages, and videos to your beloved friends. It is known as legacy contact where you will have to add nominee account.

Look out FB history

In the past we can see browser history but now you can see history on Facebook. With the help of Facebook now you can see past history of it. It is known as on this day that let’s see past history.

You will have to switch on your notifications and grab the historical event. With the help of Facebook auto liker, you can grab thousands of likes in the fraction of seconds. However, no doubt, Facebook has introduced incredible features. If you are using such a feature properly, then it would be beneficial for you.