Q1. What is Get Facebook Auto Liker?
Answer: Get Facebook Auto Liker is a social marketing application which increases the number of likes and comments on your Facebook status, posts and images.

Q2. Why should I make my status public?
Answer: Making your status Public will ensure that you get huge number of likes not only from your friends but from people you don’t even know.

Q3. Will my account be marked as Spam after using this app?
Answer: No, your account will not be marked as Spam after using our app. Your account will be safe at all points of time.

Q4. What is an Access Code?
Answer: An access code is a code that the application will use in order to get more Likes on your images and status.

Q5. How can I stop using this application?
Answer: This is very simple. You just need to change your Facebook password. This will automatically discontinue the services of Get Facebook Auto Liker.

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